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Prize Draw

Grand Prize Draw Winners

Prize draw tickets are £1 each and available to purchase during evening shows in the auditorium, at the Box Office when open, at the monthly Coffee Cake and Chat and at some external events attended by FOST.

Prize Draw

Prizes are currently:

  • 1st £500
  • 2nd £200
  • 3rd £100
  • 4th £75
  • 5th £75
  • 6th £50
  • 7th £50

The Draw date is printed on the ticket and can also be found on our calendar.

  Name Amount Draw Date
1st Robert Irwin £500.00 Jan 2024
2nd Ms Linda Titchner £200.00 Jan 2024
3rd Ms Janet Nolan £100.00 Jan 2024
4th Mr Richard Stone £75.00 Jan 2024
5th Mrs Anne Watson £75.00 Jan 2024
6th Ms Sharon Read £50.00 Jan 2024
7th Mr Tony Baker £50.00 Jan 2024

FOST Members' Monthly Draw

The draw is free and the membership number is automatically added to the draw. The draw takes place in the Box Office on the last Friday of each month. Each of the 3 winners receives a £10 Theatre voucher.

The Latest winners are:

Name Membership Number Draw Date
Linda Armstrong No 636 27th Jan 2024
Freda Robertson No 2132 27th Jan 2024
Richard Edwards No 959 27th Jan 2024

Each won a £10 Theatre voucher

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