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Who are we?

The Friends of Shanklin Theatre are a group of people from the Isle of Wight and beyond who share a common interest in supporting Shanklin Theatre. Many are also dedicated volunteers, helping Shanklin Theatre and Community Trust with the day-to-day running of the Theatre. See our history in this page.


Two Times a Winner

September, 2016

Rotary Club
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Mr Terence Sedman is a very lucky man indeed! He has just won £250 First Prize in the Shanklin Theatre’s Lottery Draw for a second time; he previously won in June this year.

Mr Sedman of Newport IOW is a regular to the theatre, & tells us that he bought rather a lot of £1 tickets at the shows, Best of the West End and the Roy Hudd performance. He added, “I didn’t expect to win, I just want to support the theatre, I will be buying tickets for the next prize draw on November 5th,”


Wonderful letter from Janet Sandys-nee-Derry

August, 2016

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It was the summer season of 1956; Shanklin Theatre was home to Barry O’Brien’s repertory company “The Shanklin Theatre Company” presenting a season of West End play successes and offering a different play each week.

Among the cast was a young twenty one year old Janet Derry, Janet has just returned home from holidaying on the Island and has written a lovely letter of thanks to the friends of the theatre. Read more...

Shanklin Theatre External Defibrillator

August, 2016

New Defibrilator
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The Friends of Shanklin Theatre became one of the first to install a public Defibrillator in the Shanklin area back in 2014, and last year it was put to good use when it saved the life of John Howard.

For the first two years it had been held at the Light and Sound Desk in the main theatre auditorium and in the summer of 2015 was fetched and taken to the Old Village following the collapse of John... Read more...

Rotary Club of Shanklin Sponsor Theatre Window Restoration

August, 2016

Rotary Club
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Thanks to the generous donation of £4000 by the Rotary Club of Shanklin, Shanklin Theatre and Community Trust is able to continue with the long overdue restoration of the Theatre's windows.

Installed over 80 years ago the windows are now in need of total overhaul and repair.


Window Appeal: Make a Donation

Shanklin Theatre Canopy Restoration

July, 2016

New Canopy
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Recent visitors to the Theatre can't fail to have noticed the scaffold erected on the front of the building. The purpose of this is to allow access to the canopy above the entrance for inspection and repair.

The canopy is composed of strong steel joists which have corroded, requiring the corroded sections to be cut out and new sections welded into place.. Read more...

Shanklin Theatre receives its 2nd fully restored window replacement

June, 2016

Window Appeal
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Thanks once again to kind and generous donations, a second theatre steel window has been removed, repaired and reinstalled.

With two windows installed, we plan to start another window soon, concentrating on a location that is very visible to visitors and so continuing to enhance the appearance of our lovely theatre. Read more...

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